Pixel Legend is a collection of pixel art-style characters, inspired by the Crypto Legend universe, where we know the stories of Brazilian legends. Created by Renancio Monte and Junior Stamp.

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  1. marcelo moura 16 P. Legends

  2. oe 11 P. Legends

  3. kilu 9 P. Legends

  4. tz1bW..5vd6h 9 P. Legends

  5. punevyr 7 P. Legends

  6. CryptoPacker 6 P. Legends

  7. Xrless 5 P. Legends

  8. marlus 5 P. Legends

  9. tz2LP..sexmL 4 P. Legends

  10. tz2SF..EhGds 3 P. Legends

What does this project mean?

Pixel Legends is a collection of pixel art style characters inspired by the CryptoLegend universe, created by Renancio Monte and Junior Stamp.

Crypto Legend is inspired by the legends and stories known to all over Brazil, which enchanted many collectors, even winning a special interview on the XTZnews news portal. And it moved more than 4.000 Tez.

Do they have utility?

The objkt's are a pixel reflection of the Crypto Legend characters, at first they are cute monsters for you to collect, invest or maybe be proud to put in your profile picture, who knows. but anything can happen, maybe you'll be surprised what can come out of it one day.

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